About Us

OAL Myanmar came into existence in 2013 but its roots go back to 1994 during when Trading was initiated by Mr. Chandran. It took 5-6 years to build this establishment professionally and the vision of Mr. Chandran and family came into shape by 1999. Phyo Kyaw Company Limited came into existence from 1999 and Export and Import activities kicked off through regular channels to other countries. The growth was rapid and the family realised the importance of back-end Supply Chain by 2003 and started working directly with farmers and started exporting “Certified Organic Spices” to Germany companies which also initiated “Good Agriculture Practices through our own Cultivations” . We demonstrated plots for local farmers under the guidance of experts from USA,India  and Germany in collaboration with local Agri Technologists. Around the same time, in 2004 the company also realised that raw pulses’s exports were booming across Myanmar. But Mr. Chandran’s vision was 10 years ahead of that time which was to install beans and pulses processing machineries in Yangon. From 2005, we start exporting of “Processed Beans” to foreign countries. We also introduced retail packaging which later started catering many Supermarkets in Singapore and Malaysia. Company continued expanding its customer base worldwide rapidly and at the same time created  farmer base facilities across Myanmar over the time.


Now, Myanmar Agro products reached more than 15 countries such as Britain, Germany, US through Organic Agro Land & Phyo Kyaw company limited. The company believes in improving of quality is a continuous process and we listen to the requirements of our customers.

Organic Agro Land

Who are we ?

Organic agro land company is a Yangon based export house registered member of chamber of commerce and industry. We are pioneer company to start organic spices in Myanmar. Our customer base is spread across south Asian countries, Europe and USA. Our company believes in adopting a holistic approach for supply chain solution from cultivation to export